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Judge Discusses Benefits of Adoption

Just days after she finalized adoption for 10 families in a Prince George County court, Judge Beverly Woodard spoke with a local news reporter about how adoption has affected her personally. The judge, who specializes in cases involving child abuse and other kinds of abuse, told of remembering the feeling of adopting her own daughter.…

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Maryland? Factors & Resources to Consider

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Maryland?

{Updated from original post on October 5, 2016}  One of the questions that we get asked most frequently by new and prospective family law clients is ” how much does a divorce cost? ”  It’s certainly an understandable question. People who are facing separation and divorce are typically frightened, overwhelmed and looking for quantifiable information to…

How to calculate what you will pay (or receive) in child support in Maryland

How to Calculate Child Support in Maryland

Understanding Child Support in Maryland (Updated from original post on August 30, 2015)  If you’re contemplating divorce from a spouse with whom you have minor children, it is crucial for you to understand how child support in Maryland is calculated. Understanding your child support rights and responsibilities will help you determine what your household budget will look…