Howard County Civil Litigation Lawyer

Howard County civil litigation lawyer

Litigation (or the threat thereof) is life for many individuals and business owners. Even owners who have protected their assets by forming a corporation or LLC may be at risk of litigation. 

Whether you’re being sued or want to sue, the worst thing you can do is ignore the problem, especially if you’ve been served with court papers. Ignoring a lawsuit doesn’t make it go away, and you may face further ramifications by letting it fall to the wayside. On the other hand, if you want to file a lawsuit, you must do so before the statute of limitations (deadline) arrives.

Hiring an experienced Howard County civil litigation lawyer is in your best interest for these and many other reasons. Coover Law Firm, LLC responds quickly to any threat of litigation to protect your rights and resolve the matter in your best interests as soon as possible. Let us handle your legal matter so you can get back to running your business or, for families and individuals, reinvigorating your priorities in life.

For more information, call our Howard County civil litigation law firm at (410) 995-1100.

Practice Areas

Our civil litigation practice covers all business, commercial, and family disputes for plaintiffs and defendants in Howard County and surrounding counties in Maryland. We have experience working with everyone from individuals to families to corporations. Our services include: 

Breach of Contract

Every business transaction involves an oral or written contract, express or implied. Contract disputes are bound to arise due to the daily transactions with customers, employees, contractors, vendors, and suppliers. When they do, you need an experienced Howard County civil litigation lawyer who knows the steps to resolve the dispute quickly and satisfactorily.

Business Torts

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in business litigation involving the full range of business torts, including allegations of unfair business practices or unfair competition, deceptive trade practices, and consumer fraud.

Partner and Shareholder Disputes

Mr. Coover represents parties in shareholder derivative suits, director and officer representation, and other corporate governance litigation. When a dispute arises in a partnership or other joint venture, resolving it in a way that preserves important, lasting business relationships can be significant. 

Coover Law Firm is equally at home at the negotiation table or mediation as we are in a courtroom or arbitration, working to resolve such disputes amicably yet effectively.

Divorce and Post-Divorce

Few divorces are handled without dispute, but civil litigation may be the best course of action when the dispute turns into a conflict for which mediation won’t help. Coover Law Firm will work to obtain the best result in your case, during or after the divorce when child support and custody issues are introduced.

Land Use

Land use litigation is a broad category involving disputes arising from zoning decisions, permit denials, etc. Issues with land use can quickly become convoluted, but Coover Law Firm has the experience to handle these cases resourcefully and equally to represent plaintiffs and defendants. The firm will make every effort to prevail in courtroom proceedings.

Comprehensive Civil Litigation Law Firm in Howard County

Attorney Fred Coover has knowledge and experience in many areas of civil litigation, including business law, divorce and post-divorce, custody, commercial real estate, residential boundary disputes, and much more. Mr. Coover has the skills and courtroom experience to handle any civil matter as both plaintiff and defense counsel. When your legal needs may involve litigation, hire a Howard County civil litigation lawyer with the knowledge, skills, and ability to look out for your interests and provide excellent representation. 

Call Coover Law Firm at (410) 995-1100 for help in Columbia, Howard County, and surrounding communities.

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