The Purpose of the Initial Consultation


The purpose of scheduling an initial consultation with an attorneyThe purpose of scheduling of an initial consultation with Coover Law Firm, LLC is to allow you, as the prospective client, to introduce yourself and share your needs and concerns with us. On our end, we aim to get a better understanding of your case, evaluate whether we are the proper resource for addressing the matter at hand, and advise what, if anything, can be done to help you. The initial consultation also gives us time to discuss fees, timing, potential conflicts, and other practical matters that may apply.
Please understand that your matter will typically not  be resolved during the initial consultation, nor is the goal of the consultation to render a final or definitive legal opinion. While discussion of the legal remedies or resolutions available for your matter, if any, will occasionally  take place at the end of the consultation, additional investigation or research by the attorney is often required. Usually, we’ll need more time to meet with you at a future date and gather the information or documents necessary to move forward.  The ultimate goal of the initial consultation is for both the attorney and prospective client to obtain enough information to make an informed decision about what to do next, while balancing time and scheduling.


An initial consultation will usually result in one of four outcomes:

  • You and the attorney reach a mutual agreement on the scope of your matter and terms of representation by Coover Law Firm, LLC
  • The attorney declines representation, based on a conflict of interest or other factor that may prevent us from handling your matter
  • We refer you to another resource whose specialization will be more appropriate in resolving your matter, such as an accountant or another attorney, or
  • You decline representation by Coover Law Firm, LLC for whatever personal reasons you may deem important.


If we arrive at a mutual agreement for the terms of representation, we will then schedule a follow-up meeting at a future date. To ensure that we have a clear understanding and record of our agreement, you will receive a letter shortly after the initial consultation confirming what we discussed and outlining next steps.


If you are interested in scheduling your initial consultation, please give us a call at (410) 995-1100 or fill out our Contact Form.