Child holding on to parent

Joint Custody Considerations

Under Maryland law, custody of a minor child is defined in terms of “legal custody”; “ physical custody ”; “sole custody”; “shared custody” and “ joint custody ”. When making a custody determination, Maryland judges and magistrates apply a legal standard known as the “child’s best interests” and determine where the residence of the child…

10 things to do in the aftermath of divorce

Aftermath of Divorce -Top 10 Things To Do Now

The Aftermath of Divorce: Is it Time to Relax? Your divorce is finalized. Congratulations! You are likely mentally, emotionally (and perhaps financially) exhausted. You need “down time” – everything but work and the kids can wait, right? However, in the aftermath of divorce, the best thing that you can do is KEEP MOVING. The process that…

separation and divorce

Separation and Divorce: Bad Times Can Be Better

Separation and divorce is very difficult – financially and emotionally for everyone involved – spouses, children, extended family members and friends. The sense of “loss” can be profound. Feelings of grief, helplessness, vulnerability, financial devastation and lack of control are very typical. The process is generally among the most difficult challenges a person encounters during…