Underage Drinking & Host Liability
27 Jul 2016

Landmark Case: Underage Drinking & Social Host Liability

Permitting Underage Drinking Just Became More Costly For the last two decades in Maryland, it has been considered a crime for adults to allow underage drinking in their homes. But, in the past, the Court of Appeals has been reluctant to hold third parties (such as bar owners) legally accountable for intoxicated people’s actions. However, on July 5th, the highest…

The Impact of Rising Health Insurance Costs on Child Support
06 Jul 2016

Do Increases in Health Insurance Premiums Affect Child Support in Maryland?

The Impact of Rising Health Insurance Costs on Child Support For most people, health insurance is a significant expense. For some people, including many separated/divorced families already struggling to maintain the expenses of two households, health insurance payments can be financially crippling. So, what happens to child support in the event that this large expense becomes even larger?…

What's Considered Non-Marital vs. Marital Property in a Maryland Divorce | Howard County Divorce Lawyer
18 May 2016

What’s Considered Marital vs. Non-Marital Property in MD? | Howard County Divorce

Divorce marks the end of a chapter in one’s life, as well as the beginning of a new chapter. Outside of the considerations made for children, divorce is essentially about finances and the division of property. Marital property is defined as all of the “stuff”, however titled, that is accumulated during the length of a…

Understanding Fathers Rights & Child Custody in Howard County, MD
11 May 2016

Father’s Rights | 10 Things to Know About Child Custody in Howard County, MD

For most fathers, there is very little in this world more important than the wellbeing of his child(ren). Issues of child custody and parental rights arise when the wellbeing of the child needs to be protected. For dads facing this situation, having knowledge about fathers rights under Maryland law – along with a firm understanding of his…

Federal Goverment Announces Principal Reduction Program That May Help Thousands Avoid Foreclosure
20 Apr 2016

FHFA Morgage Principal Reduction for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Loans

Last week, the Federal Government made an important announcement about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans that has the potential to impact a significant number of people carrying mortgages. The principal reduction program from the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which has been discussed heavily in the news during the last year, is happening. If you are behind on…

05 Feb 2016

Telephone Line Fraud – Who Has Your Number?

“THEY” HAVE YOUR NUMBER.  Recently, a prominent small business client contacted me expressing anger, aggravation, fear and frustration with their local telephone service Provider. It seems that about a year earlier, long distance charges totaling over $80,000.00 suddenly appeared on their telephone bill. These charges related to a huge number of international calls made from…