Howard County, MD, Formation of Business Lawyers

howard county business formation attorneyIf you are just getting started and have not yet formed your business let the Coover Law Firm help you determine which business structure is right for you.

At the Coover Law Firm, we help our business-oriented clients establish new business entities, draft and negotiate business agreements, and conduct business transactions. The decisions you make when you first establish a new business and form an entity can have long-term and in some cases, severe tax consequences. Everything from control of the business to taxation of business profits can be affected by the type of legal entity that you select.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a business entity, but the common denominator in each is to shield its owners from personal liability.

Frequently businesses seek the assistance of a business attorney to make a change if a partner is brought into an existing company or to create agreements among the owners governing how the business will be operated.

Our experienced Columbia business attorneys will take the time to listen and understand your goals so we can advise you on your ideal entity choice. There are advantages and limitations for every type of business entity.

The dedicated and experienced attorneys at the Coover Law Firm offer expert legal representation in the following areas for our business clientele:

  • Business Formations
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • S-Corporations (S-Corps)
  • C-Corporations (C-Corps)
  • Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  • Joint Ventures

Attorneys at the Coover Law Firm, LLC advise clients on their options and handle all aspects of business formation and governance that meets their needs and goals. For any business, commercial or corporate legal matter in Columbia, Maryland and surrounding areas, call the Coover Law Firm at 410-995-1100, toll free at 866-425-9555, or contact the firm online to discuss scheduling an appointment with our attorneys.