3 Possible Complications of Same Sex Divorce in Howard County, Maryland

04 Sep 2018

3 Potential Complications of Same Sex Divorce in Maryland

(Columbia, MD)   In 2012, Maryland officially legalized same sex marriage. However, because same sex marriage was not legal across the United States, same sex divorce often proved to be extremely complicated and difficult. Certain states refused to honor divorce decrees for same sex couples, which often caused great difficulty when enforcing the terms of child custody,…

Young mother and father with newborn

06 Oct 2017

Maryland Families Want More Paid Leave

Paid family leave is something that many people believe is in place — until they need it. According to reports, Maryland, and the rest of the United States, are far behind other developed countries when it comes to allowing for employees to take time off work to take care of themselves or their families when…

Underage Drinking & Host Liability

27 Jul 2016

Landmark Case: Underage Drinking & Social Host Liability

Permitting Underage Drinking Just Became More Costly For the last two decades in Maryland, it has been considered a crime for adults to allow underage drinking in their homes. But, in the past, the Court of Appeals has been reluctant to hold third parties (such as bar owners) legally accountable for intoxicated people’s actions. However, on July 5th, the highest…

05 Feb 2016

Telephone Line Fraud – Who Has Your Number?

“THEY” HAVE YOUR NUMBER.  Recently, a prominent small business client contacted me expressing anger, aggravation, fear and frustration with their local telephone service Provider. It seems that about a year earlier, long distance charges totaling over $80,000.00 suddenly appeared on their telephone bill. These charges related to a huge number of international calls made from…