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Family law can be incredibly complex and emotionally taxing. Our Howard County family lawyer is here to help. Mr. Coover handles a variety of cases, from divorce to guardianship. Regardless of the situation you’re in, trust Coover Law Firm to fully represent your interests and values. 

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Our family law practice areas include:


A divorce could be settled in a matter of weeks, or it could take many months to work out all the details. Whether your divorce is simple or complex, it’s crucial you have an experienced Howard County divorce attorney representing you through the entire process.

In Maryland, you may be granted an absolute or a limited divorce. Certain conditions must be met for either scenario. For an “immediate” absolute divorce, you must have no fault-based grounds. Otherwise, you must separate for one to two years for a full divorce to be granted. During that separation, a limited divorce may be granted.


If the question of a child’s parentage is unsettled, the issue may require a paternity proceeding. A child’s father has a legal right to participate in custody and visitation where applicable, and a legal obligation to financially support his children.

Children can also benefit from knowing their legal father in many ways, including knowing their medical history and securing the right to inherit or obtain certain government benefits, such as social security or veteran’s benefits. 

Genetic testing is only one way in which parentage may be determined. As a family law litigation firm, Mr. Coover represents parties seeking to establish or challenge paternity and resolve related matters.

Child custody

Child custody can easily become one of the most bitter aspects of a divorce and legal separation. In general, custody can be divided into legal and physical custody, as well as sole and joint custody. The parent with legal custody determines where the child will go to school, their doctor, their religious affiliation, etc. Physical custody indicates where the child will live.

A parent may have sole physical or legal custody, or one or both aspects may be shared with joint custody. The court will decide on custody matters based on the best interest of the child. If sole physical custody is awarded, visitation will also need to be addressed by the court.

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Other areas of family law in Howard County, MD

Child support

Whether one parent has physical custody or joint physical custody is ordered, child support will likely still be a factor that needs to be considered. Maryland uses a specific formula to determine which parent will need to pay child support, and how much will be paid (use our child support calculator for MD). Once the court finalizes its decision, it can generally only be amended under specific circumstances.

There are a variety of factors that go into determining child support payments. These include each parent’s income, healthcare expenses, child care expenses, and more. It’s important to note that, even if you never married the child’s other parent, you may still be liable for child support.

Property division

Family law in Howard County, MD, and throughout the state mandates that property division be handled equitably. This means both parties may not get a 50/50 split of property bought or acquired during the marriage. Courts determine property division based on any number of factors, such as financial needs and length of the marriage. Both debts and assets are distributed fairly in a divorce.

Normally, separate property (such as property owned before the marriage or an inheritance) is not divided between parties. However, if those assets become commingled, such as an inheritance being put in a shared bank account, it could be split between the spouses.


When the parents of a minor cannot care for their child, whether due to death, incarceration, institutionalization, or incapacity, the court will step in and appoint a legal guardian to take on that parental role.

The guiding force behind the court’s decision is what is in the child’s best interests. If you are a grandparent or other family member or interested party, we can help you prove your case to become a child’s guardian or challenge the appointment of someone else you believe is unfit.

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