Close up face of latin woman playing with her african son. adoption concept
17 Nov 2017

Judge Discusses Benefits of Adoption

Just days after she finalized adoption for 10 families in a Prince George County court, Judge Beverly Woodard spoke with a local news reporter about how adoption has affected her personally. The judge, who specializes in cases involving child abuse and other kinds of abuse, told of remembering the feeling of adopting her own daughter.…

An April monthly calendar with the 18th circled with the words Tax Day written in the circle in a bright pink marker
03 Nov 2017

How the New Tax Bill Could Affect Alimony

A new federal tax bill was introduced last week, and it was a large one filled with multiple proposals that people weren’t necessarily expecting. Despite this, it is those proposals that could have the biggest impact on the lives of everyday citizens. One group of people who could be facing a hardship are those who…

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Maryland? Factors & Resources to Consider
23 Oct 2017

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Maryland?

{Updated from original post on October 5, 2016}  One of the questions that we get asked most frequently by new and prospective family law clients is ” how much does a divorce cost? ”  It’s certainly an understandable question. People who are facing separation and divorce are typically frightened, overwhelmed and looking for quantifiable information to…

Young mother and father with newborn
06 Oct 2017

Maryland Families Want More Paid Leave

Paid family leave is something that many people believe is in place — until they need it. According to reports, Maryland, and the rest of the United States, are far behind other developed countries when it comes to allowing for employees to take time off work to take care of themselves or their families when…