Child holding on to parent
03 Sep 2015

Joint Custody Considerations

Under Maryland law, custody of a minor child is defined in terms of “legal custody”; “ physical custody ”; “sole custody”; “shared custody” and “ joint custody ”. When making a custody determination, Maryland judges and magistrates apply a legal standard known as the “child’s best interests” and determine where the residence of the child…

Shared Custody Arrangements
30 May 2015

5 Ways to Make Shared Custody Arrangements Easier on Children

Battles over child custody are difficult for all parties involved, but they can be especially punishing for the children. In cases of shared custody arrangements, following these basic guidelines to keep your children out of the fight between you and your spouse will help you protect their happiness and well-being as much as possible. 5 Ways to…

Divorce Attorney
04 May 2015

Possible New Grounds for Divorce in Maryland: Divorce by “Mutual Consent”

***NOTE: As of October 1, 2015, the law states that Mutual Consent is now a grounds for divorce in Maryland. For updated information and FAQs regarding this new divorce law in Maryland, please click here.  Separation and divorce is very difficult – financially and emotionally for everyone involved – spouses, children, extended family members and…