The true cost of bankruptcy after divorce
02 Jan 2018

What Happens to Our Family Home if My Ex Files Bankruptcy After Divorce?

Below is an example of a frequently asked question relating to bankruptcy after divorce. Unfortunately, the situation described below occurs all too frequently in post-divorce cases. However, the good news is that by seeking professional advice early in the divorce process, you are often able to minimize the risks of these nightmare situations from happening…

Divorce, Real Estate & Short Sales
19 Dec 2017

GUEST BLOG: “Understanding Your Options – A Guide to Divorce, Real Estate & Short Sales”

By: Jackie Daley, Broker/Owner – Jackie Daley Realty (Columbia, MD) As a Real Estate Broker, I frequently work with couples who are facing, or have previously gone through, a separation and/or divorce.  When simultaneously handling a divorce and real estate transaction, the desire to “get it over quickly” often leads to bad decisions with long…