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02 Feb 2018

Update on Victims’ Parental Rights Bill

We have discussed the fact that Maryland rape victims may not currently terminate the parental rights of their attackers should that attack result in a pregnancy. New legislation is set to pass that will allow rape victims to terminate the parental rights of their attackers. The bill passed through the Senate last week with a…

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12 Jan 2018

Maryland Criticized for Child Custody Policies

In 2013, lawmakers in Maryland put together a special commission in order to study how the state’s courts come to decisions regarding child custody. Over an 18-month period of time, the commission listened to judges, mental health professionals and family law attorneys. The commission’s final report was issued in 2014. Despite this, state reforms have…

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01 Dec 2017

Sniper’s Wife Talks Domestic Abuse

If you were alive 15 years ago, chances are you remember the Washington, D.C. sniper case. A grown man and his accomplice, a teenage boy, took the lives of 10 people in Virginia and Maryland. The pair was convicted in both states, and John Allen Muhammad was ultimately executed. That man’s ex-wife is now speaking…