Telephone Line Fraud – Who Has Your Number?

“THEY” HAVE YOUR NUMBER.  Recently, a prominent small business client contacted me expressing anger, aggravation, fear and frustration with their local telephone service Provider. It seems that about a year earlier, long distance charges totaling over $80,000.00 suddenly appeared on their telephone bill. These charges related to a huge number of international calls made from…

Legal Separation in Maryland

The Concept of Legal Separation in Maryland

What Does “Legal Separation” Mean in Howard County, Maryland? Many jurisdictions consider a husband and wife “separated” if they refrain from having sexual relations and are not living together. Some couples with irreconcilable differences choose to remain separated with no immediate plans to seek an absolute or “final” divorce for moral, religious, or financial reasons.…

divorce & domestic violence in maryland

Divorce & Domestic Violence in Maryland

Domestic Violence in Maryland: Grounds for Divorce Chronic domestic abuse, known as “cruelty of treatment,” is one of the grounds for divorce in Maryland – but the abuse must persist for an extended time period. If an abused person is being subjected to domestic violence in Maryland, he or she may need to seek the…