Restraining Order

Divorce can be a highly-charged, emotional experience. In some cases, one or both spouses might fear retaliation from their partner when divorce is first brought up. Before the divorce is finalized, it would be simple for an angry partner to empty bank accounts, remove prized-possessions from the family home, or take on a lot of new debt.

A temporary restraining order prevents these sorts of abuses from happening before the divorce can be finalized. Although we normally think of restraining orders as preventing one person to come within a certain distance of another person, it terms simply means that a person’s actions are restrained by court order.

It would be perfect legal for one spouse to remove money from a joint checking account under normal circumstances, but under a temporary restraining order in a divorce, they would be prevented from doing so. Although a temporary restraining order is not needed in every divorce, it can be a smart way to protect yourself from retaliation or greed.

A Howard County, MD family law attorney can provide more information about restraining orders.