Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to violence between two individuals who live together, such as a couple or close family members. There are many different forms of domestic violence.

Although the first thing people tend to think about when they hear the term domestic violence is physical abuse between married partners, domestic violence can also involve verbal abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, reproductive abuse, religious abuse, or sexual abuse.

Domestic abuse is very rarely isolated and more often represents a pattern of abuse followed by periods of calm where the abuser “makes up” for their violence. Abusers can employ multiple forms of domestic violence at a time, which makes it difficult for victims to overcome the barriers to freeing themselves from abuse.

Victims of domestic abuse often suffer from emotional and psychological effects that make it difficult for them to break the cycle of abuse and leave the domestic situation. Domestic abuse happens to men, women, children, and the elderly.

A Columbia, Maryland family law attorney may be able to provide assistance for victims of domestic violence.