Family Law

Family Law refers to all areas of the law involving marriage, family, relationships between parents and their children, and child protective services. Family law is an umbrella term that refers to a wide range of legal proceedings and varies by jurisdiction.

The majority of cases that fall under family law are divorces, with or without child support and custody arrangements. Child custody and support can make divorce proceedings more complicated and often requires litigation multiple times before children reach adulthood. But, the biggest reason a divorce is difficult to navigate is because at its core, the dissolution of a marriage is painful and can cause both parties to act in less than rational ways.

Juvenile court issues, disputes involving paternity, adoption, and accusations of abuse or neglect fall under family law. Domestic and other forms of abuse may require one party to seek a restraining order against the other.

Matters brought before a family court tend to be emotionally charged because they usually involve some violation of love or trust. For this reason, it’s highly recommended that all parties obtain legal counsel from a Howard County, Maryland family law attorney to help them navigate a family law case.