Mediation is a phase in a divorce where both spouses meet with a third-party mediator to attempt to work out an agreement to the terms of the divorce. When a divorce is uncontested, or both parties agree to it, mediation is not needed. If any matter causes a disagreement between the spouses, mediation is the process of negotiating where a compromise can be attempted.


During the mediation, both parties have a chance to discuss their side of the dispute. Each spouse has a chance to meet with the mediator separately to discuss the merits and weaknesses of their positions. A third party perspective can help spouses find places to compromise.


There are two main outcomes from mediation: either both parties will be able to come to an agreement or they won’t be. In the case of the former, they will sign an agreement that can form a legally binding contract. In the case of the latter, the mediator will advise both parties of their next course of action, which can include meeting again in the future or proceeding to court, among other options.


In mediation, it is advisable to have a Maryland divorce attorney by your side to ensure your needs and desires are represented fully and accurately.