Visitation is a family law matter that is most often discussed in the cases of legal separation and divorce. The issue of child custody is never an easy one. Parents often have questions regarding visitation of their children.

In amicable separations, the parents may construct a visitation schedule without the assistance of attorneys or the court. This is typically preferred by the court as it takes less of an emotional toll on the minor children. When parents are not able to cooperate with one another, the court will step in to determine who has custodial rights and who has visitation rights.

There is no set schedule for visitation. Each case is unique and the schedule is typically determined by the parents’ work schedules and transportation options. In some cases, the custodial parent may have the children during the week with visitation granted to the other parent on the weekends. In some instances, supervised visitation is ordered and the non-custodial parents is not permitted to be alone with the children but is still able to spend time with them.

In very serious cases, visitation may be denied. This ruling is normally reserved in cases of divorce that involve criminal activity on the part of one spouse, such as domestic violence or child abuse.

If you need assistance with child custody or visitation in Columbia, an experienced family law attorney can help you. Reach out to an attorney with your questions and get the information you need.