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09 Dec 2015

Using Mediation to Reach a Divorce Settlement in Maryland

The Role of Mediation in a Divorce Settlement in Maryland The process of reaching a divorce settlement in Maryland can be a traumatic experience for both parties with high expenses and unpredictable outcomes. Often, this can result in the spouses feeling resentment and anger toward each other. This deleterious environment isn’t good for the divorcing couple or their…


25 Nov 2015

Valuation of Retirement Assets in a Divorce Proceeding

Very few people realize at the outset of a divorce proceeding just how complex the process can be when marital property includes retirement accounts. When couples get divorced, retirement benefits commonly form a substantial part of the marital property and often can be among the highest-valued assets that a couple owns.Dividing retirement accounts, such as…

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03 Sep 2015

Joint Custody Considerations

Under Maryland law, custody of a minor child is defined in terms of “legal custody”; “ physical custody ”; “sole custody”; “shared custody” and “ joint custody ”. When making a custody determination, Maryland judges and magistrates apply a legal standard known as the “child’s best interests” and determine where the residence of the child…