Underage Drinking & Host Liability

27 Jul 2016

Landmark Case: Underage Drinking & Social Host Liability

Permitting Underage Drinking Just Became More Costly For the last two decades in Maryland, it has been considered a crime for adults to allow underage drinking in their homes. But, in the past, the Court of Appeals has been reluctant to hold third parties (such as bar owners) legally accountable for intoxicated people’s actions. However, on July 5th, the highest…

The Impact of Rising Health Insurance Costs on Child Support

06 Jul 2016

Do Increases in Health Insurance Premiums Affect Child Support in Maryland?

The Impact of Rising Health Insurance Costs on Child Support For most people, health insurance is a significant expense. For some people, including many separated/divorced families already struggling to maintain the expenses of two households, health insurance payments can be financially crippling. So, what happens to child support in the event that this large expense becomes even larger?…

Understanding Fathers Rights & Child Custody in Howard County, MD

11 May 2016

Father’s Rights | 10 Things to Know About Child Custody in Howard County, MD

For most fathers, there is very little in this world more important than the wellbeing of his child(ren). Issues of child custody and parental rights arise when the wellbeing of the child needs to be protected. For dads facing this situation, having knowledge about fathers rights under Maryland law – along with a firm understanding of his…

Legal Separation in Maryland

18 Dec 2015

The Concept of Legal Separation in Maryland

What Does “Legal Separation” Mean in Howard County, Maryland? Many jurisdictions consider a husband and wife “separated” if they refrain from having sexual relations and are not living together. Some couples with irreconcilable differences choose to remain separated with no immediate plans to seek an absolute or “final” divorce for moral, religious, or financial reasons.…

Possible sign

09 Dec 2015

Using Mediation to Reach a Divorce Settlement in Maryland

The Role of Mediation in a Divorce Settlement in Maryland The process of reaching a divorce settlement in Maryland can be a traumatic experience for both parties with high expenses and unpredictable outcomes. Often, this can result in the spouses feeling resentment and anger toward each other. This deleterious environment isn’t good for the divorcing couple or their…