Young pair in conflict situation during christmas night

29 Dec 2017

January Dubbed Divorce Month

In Maryland and throughout the country, January has become known as “divorce month.” Statistics show that most divorces happen in March and August, but filings spike in January. Legal experts believe that the rise in filings after the New Year is due to one reason: People don’t want to file during the holidays. It is…

Divorce, Real Estate & Short Sales

19 Dec 2017

GUEST BLOG: “Understanding Your Options – A Guide to Divorce, Real Estate & Short Sales”

By: Jackie Daley, Broker/Owner – Jackie Daley Realty (Columbia, MD) As a Real Estate Broker, I frequently work with couples who are facing, or have previously gone through, a separation and/or divorce.  When simultaneously handling a divorce and real estate transaction, the desire to “get it over quickly” often leads to bad decisions with long…