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17 Nov 2017

Judge Discusses Benefits of Adoption

Just days after she finalized adoption for 10 families in a Prince George County court, Judge Beverly Woodard spoke with a local news reporter about how adoption has affected her personally. The judge, who specializes in cases involving child abuse and other kinds of abuse, told of remembering the feeling of adopting her own daughter.…

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29 Sep 2017

Maryland Couple Sentenced for YouTube Pranks

A Maryland couple has been sentenced in a case that made headlines across the country. The young parents were accused of posting hundreds of videos to YouTube, depicting “pranks” on their children. Both will now serve five years of probation for their misdeeds. According to records, the pair entered Alford pleas when they appeared in…

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18 Aug 2017

Maryland Couple Charged with Child Neglect

Be careful what you post on YouTube. A Maryland couple responsible for a variety of what some have called disturbing videos has been charged with child neglect as a result of a deeper investigation into those postings. According to reports, a Maryland couple came under fire after posting a series of videos to their YouTube…

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11 Aug 2017

Bigamy Is Illegal in Maryland, Court Reaffirms

Some men dream of having multiple spouses. Some women imagine the same. Unfortunately, no matter how many spouses a person desires to have, the state of Maryland has set a limit: one. A 49-year-old man from Capital Heights recently discovered that the state is serious about that law. According to reports, the man was indicted…

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28 Jul 2017

Maryland on the Fast Track for Foreclosures

Maryland has joined Ohio in establishing laws that fast-track foreclosures for vacant properties. The two states may be examples for others across the nation who want to do something about vacant properties causing a blight to neighborhoods. According to a state delegate, vacant properties are a serious problem in some communities. The longer a property…

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21 Jul 2017

County in Maryland Successful in Collecting Support

In a perfect world, those ordered to pay child support would make timely payments without issue. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, despite a judge’s orders. In the state of Maryland, one county has reached a 92 percent collection rate when it comes to back child support. According to the assistant director of child support in…