3 Possible Complications of Same Sex Divorce in Howard County, Maryland

04 Sep 2018

3 Potential Complications of Same Sex Divorce in Maryland

(Columbia, MD)   In 2012, Maryland officially legalized same sex marriage. However, because same sex marriage was not legal across the United States, same sex divorce often proved to be extremely complicated and difficult. Certain states refused to honor divorce decrees for same sex couples, which often caused great difficulty when enforcing the terms of child custody,…

The Impact of Rising Health Insurance Costs on Child Support

06 Jul 2016

Do Increases in Health Insurance Premiums Affect Child Support in Maryland?

The Impact of Rising Health Insurance Costs on Child Support For most people, health insurance is a significant expense. For some people, including many separated/divorced families already struggling to maintain the expenses of two households, health insurance payments can be financially crippling. So, what happens to child support in the event that this large expense becomes even larger?…

separation and divorce

04 May 2015

Separation and Divorce: Bad Times Can Be Better

Separation and divorce is very difficult – financially and emotionally for everyone involved – spouses, children, extended family members and friends. The sense of “loss” can be profound. Feelings of grief, helplessness, vulnerability, financial devastation and lack of control are very typical. The process is generally among the most difficult challenges a person encounters during…