Alimony will no longer be tax deductible in Maryland in 2019 and beyond.

22 May 2018

Why Alimony May Cost You More in 2019

Tax law changes have occurred and will hit people in 2019. Some believe they are beneficial, and others are angry over the sweeping changes that the Administration enacted. No matter how you feel about the new tax laws, they are here and will have an impact. You need to pay attention, particularly if you are…

Capitol building Washington DC

22 Dec 2017

Governor Trying to Lessen Impact of Tax Plan

If you’ve been keeping up with the roller coaster of news surrounding the new federal tax plan, you may find your head spinning. Items were being introduced and taken away as Republican Congressional leaders attempted to get the plan passed. One of the things that has stuck around despite many revisions is the change to…

An April monthly calendar with the 18th circled with the words Tax Day written in the circle in a bright pink marker

03 Nov 2017

How the New Tax Bill Could Affect Alimony

A new federal tax bill was introduced last week, and it was a large one filled with multiple proposals that people weren’t necessarily expecting. Despite this, it is those proposals that could have the biggest impact on the lives of everyday citizens. One group of people who could be facing a hardship are those who…