Howard County, MD, Land Use & Zoning Lawyers

Commercial development and redevelopment projects must encounter and overcome many steps and obstacles in order to be conducted and completed successfully. The real estate attorneys at the Coover Law Firm in Columbia provide practical legal advice and technical legal assistance in zoning, land use, site planning, permitting and all other aspects of real estate development in Maryland at the state and local levels. We help individuals and businesses through zoning issues and represent project developers in land use litigation to help ensure a project that is on time, within budget, and most importantly, completed successfully.

Cities, counties and townships all have their own sets of regulations, local ordinances and by-laws that impact how a particular parcel of property may be used, or what conditions must be placed on its development. This includes zoning for residential, commercial, industrial or mixed-use properties, and building restrictions such as setbacks, height limitations, frontages, minimum and maximum sizes, and more. At the Coover Law Firm, we have years of experience advising and representing clients in Maryland commercial real estate law and civil litigation that includes all manner of zoning and land use issues. We can help you with any zoning, land use or related matter, including:

  • Zoning Variances
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Eminent Domain/Condemnation
  • Reverse Condemnation
  • Dedications
  • Easements
  • Subdivision Maps

Land use issues are often at the center of both large and small development projects. Unfortunately, the wheels of government move slowly at times, but when you are on a project timeline, unexpected delays can be costly. Choose attorneys who are familiar with municipal laws and processes at the local and county levels where your project is located, and who can work to see that any obstacles are met and overcome in a positive and efficient manner. The Coover Law Firm is located in Columbia and serves clients in Howard County as well as cities and townships in neighboring Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Carroll, Frederick and Montgomery Counties.

Land Development and Zoning

At the Coover Law Firm, our experienced Land Development and Zoning attorneys represent landowners, joint venture partners and entrepreneurs in developing real estate, from single lots to large residential and commercial projects. Aspects of the practice’s representation include due diligence investigations, land use applications, including re-zonings, conditional use and special exception permits, variances, and designations and alterations of landmarked buildings, public and private financing, land use entitlement and construction permitting, and air rights transactions.

Our Attorneys working for you in Land Development are experienced in matters involving permitting for an array of projects and activities and the enforcement of environmental regulations by local, state and federal governmental agencies. In addition, our attorneys have broad administrative hearing and litigation experience throughout Maryland on behalf of clients facing potential liability for environmental, zoning, and complex land uses issues.

Although land use is local in nature, with knowledge of the particular laws and political climates of the county, city and state where a targeted project is located, the attorneys of the Coover Law Firm guide and counsel clients through all levels of the development process.

Land Development also includes the laws governing land use or zoning. The use of your property may be limited depending upon the terms of the local zoning ordinance. However, there are several approaches for handling conflicts between zoning regulations and your desired property use. Our attorneys at the Coover Law Firm have experience in the matter of zoning and usage.


Experienced Legal Representation for Columbia Land Use, Development, and Zoning Matters

For assistance with land use and zoning matters in Maryland, including representation before local boards and government agencies or the litigation of disputes in court, contact the Coover Law Firm in Columbia.

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