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The Coover Law Firm represents property owners, contractors, and subcontractors in complex construction law disputes in Columbia and Howard County, Maryland. Perhaps no other business sector is subject to more disputes than the construction industry.

Generals and subs want and need to be paid on time, while owners and developers want the job done before the contractors walk away. Our real estate lawyers understand that project timelines are strict, and every day of delay is another dollar out of somebody’s pocket. No wonder once-friendly parties may be thrown into heated disputes over complex scheduling, engineering, and contractual issues.


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What areas of Construction Law do we specialize in?


The construction law practice at Coover Law Firm encompasses many complex legal issues in construction, any of which require the assistance of knowledgeable attorneys experienced in Maryland construction law:

  • Mechanic’s Liens – Contractors and subs who supply labor or materials on a construction project may place a lien on the subject property to ensure they get paid when the job is finished, but this requires going to court and proving cause for the lien. A lienholder may be able to foreclose on the property if payment isn’t forthcoming. The situation gets more complex when the property subject to the lien is sold before construction is completed or even before construction has ever begun.


  • Construction Trust Actions – Under Maryland Real Property Code section 9-201, any funds paid to the contractor are held in trust for the subcontractors who did the work or provided the materials. This law applies to most private construction projects and state-level (Little Miller Act) public works projects, but it doesn’t apply to federal (Miller Act) projects or single-home residences. When a dispute arises regarding whether a construction trust is adequately applied, we represent the parties.


  • Payment Bonds/Performance Bond Actions – Besides construction trusts, contractors are often called upon to post payment bonds, guaranteeing that subs and suppliers will be paid. For instance, a 100% payment bond is required on federal projects over $30,000. Some jobs also require that a performance bond be posted, ensuring that the promised work will be performed.


How Do We Represent Government Contractors in Claims for Payment?

Columbia attorney Fred Coover has experience representing state and local governments in construction disputes. Mr. Coover brings that experience to bear in his representation of contractors seeking payment from all levels of government. We know how to navigate the confusing administrative remedies applicable to government contractors. With persistence and tenacity, we help contractors protect their rights and recover in all the following situations:

  • Bid Protests
  • Miller and Little Miller Claims for Payment
  • Prompt Payment
  • Contract claims


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Our construction law experience includes representation in court and before various state and federal boards of contract appeals. Call the Coover Law Firm for assistance in a construction dispute requiring legal intervention. We represent clients in Columbia throughout Howard, Anne Arundel, Frederick, Baltimore, and Carroll counties. Call 410-995-1100, call us toll-free at 866-425-9555, or contact us online to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced Maryland construction law attorney.

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