Can I remarry before my divorce is final?

In Maryland, you can only remarry once your divorce is finalized. That means meeting the required conditions and signing a final judgment.

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can I remarry before my divorce is final

Maryland divorce laws

With its new divorce laws in place, Maryland has eliminated the concept of a limited divorce. Additionally, the grounds for going through the divorce process have also changed. Here is what you should know if you are filing for divorce or are asking, “Can you remarry before your divorce is final?”

1. A six-month separation is required

If the parties have been separated for six months, a divorce can be filed. Previously, this law required 12 months for separation, but it has now been reduced to six. This will be valid even if the two parties were under the same roof but lived separate lives.

2. Irreconcilable differences

This reason for divorce was added with the new laws and is defined as the differences based on the reasons stated by one party for the termination of the marriage. Examples of irreconcilable differences include the following:

  • Disagreeing on how to raise children
  • Personality conflicts
  • Disagreements related to finances, careers, and relocation

3. Mutual consent

The marriage will be easily dissolved if both parties agree to a separation. However, this mutual consent includes having the same views on the estate, alimony, monetary awards, and the distribution of assets.

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Length of the divorce process

The average length of the divorce process will depend on what your situation looks like. Multiple factors can affect the time frame of your divorce. The process can be started as soon as both parties are ready and finished as soon as both parties agree on the terms discussed. Remember that a mandatory 6-month waiting separation period will be part of the process.

Remarriage waiting periods

If you have found yourself in a situation where you are already married and hoping to get remarried, you will likely wonder about your options before your divorce is final. The short answer is you can only remarry once your divorce is finalized. However, once it is, you can remarry as soon as you would like.

Ultimately, if the above conditions are met, and a Judge signs your judgment of absolute divorce, you can remarry on the same day.

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