Married couples find a way to earn money. Sometimes one partner works while the other stays home, perhaps with children. In some cases, both partners work, sometimes employing childcare and sometimes working separate shifts. Due to the teamwork approach to running a home, a divorce may leave one marriage partner in a more difficult financial situation than the other.

Alimony is monetary support given by one partner to the other to even out those situations where the assets of the marriage can’t be equally divided (one partner worked outside the home for 10 years and has a stable career and skill set, the other partner raised the children and managed the home affairs but now has no job experience or skillset).

Alimony is usually seen as rehabilitative, meaning the it will not be a permanent solution but rather give the harmed spouse time to learn new skills, find employment, or adjust to a different standard of living. Alimony is based on several factors such as the length of the marriage, the standard of living the couple enjoyed while married, and each spouse’s ability to earn money for themselves.

A family law attorney in Howard County, Maryland can provide more information about alimony.