How much child support will I receive?

In Maryland, the amount of child support each parent is responsible to pay is generally determined through a formula known as the Maryland Child Support Guidelines. The Guidelines take the following factors into consideration:

  • Income of each parent;
  • Number of children;
  • Work related child care expenses;
  • Health insurance costs for each child;
  • Extraordinary regular medical expenses for each child; and
  • Number of overnights with each parent

Through the Guidelines and with the assistance of a Coover Law Firm, LLC attorney, it is generally possible to determine the amount of child support that the Court will require each party to pay. Under certain circumstances, the Court can order amounts greater or lesser than the Guidelines amount to be paid.

For your convenience, a link to a Maryland Child Support guidelines calculator is provided below. Please use the calculator as a guide only in addition to consulting with a Coover Law Firm, LLC attorney. Coover Law Firm, LLC cannot be responsible for the accuracy of either the calculator or the results you obtain from it.