People filing for divorce in the city of Columbia go through a similar process, no matter the reason for the divorce. Once the petition is filed by either spouse, the process of discovery begins. This is essentially an exchange of information in which each party is provided with knowledge to the other’s economic and personal statuses.

Discovery is a process undertaken so that each side in a divorce is treated fairly and in order for a judge to divide property in a way that is equitable to both parties. Discovery gives the judge important information and can be helpful in deciding issues such as spousal support and child support. Discovery can be a helpful process, particularly in cases in which one partner believes that the other is attempting to hide assets.

The process may be formal or informal. In contested divorces, for example, the process is a bit more rigid than in other cases. There may be several steps to the discovery process, depending on the unique situation. In general, a person may be asked to produce documents, fill out interrogatories or answer to requests for admissions. A person may also be subject to a deposition conducted by the opposing attorney.

The discovery process is a legally binding one, meaning that it must be complied with. If you need assistance with a divorce in Columbia or Howard County, reach out to an experienced attorney who will work to ensure that you are awarded what you deserve.