Adoption is a legal process in which an adult or two adults take legal custody of one or more children. Once the adoption process is complete, the adults are considered legal parents and have the same rights over the children as biological parents would.

There are typically two paths that adoption takes: The adoption of a child who is a stranger and the adoption of a child who is known.

For example, a couple has been trying to have a baby and are unsuccessful. They decide to pursue adoption as an avenue to starting a family. The couple visits an adoption agency, pursues the process of adoption and chooses a child. Through a series of court appearances, the couple is granted legal custody of the child.

In another case, a person may marry a single parent. That person may seek to adopt their stepchild. In these cases, the biological parent who is not the legal guardian must relinquish their parental rights before the adoption can take place.

Adoption is a way to add children to a family. In some cases, it is a medically necessary option. In other cases, people prefer to give a child a home instead of having a biological child. No matter the reason for adoption, it is a legal process that must be followed exactly.

If you are interested in adoption, an experienced family law attorney can help you. Adopting a child in Columbia is a legal process that requires in-depth knowledge.